Trump says states 'should be opening up' amid worsening pandemic

President Trump on Monday said that he believes "governors should be opening up states they’re not opening."

Video Transcript

DONALD TRUMP: So I think the recovery has been very strong. We've set record job numbers. We've set record numbers. Whether it's a pure V or a little bit less than that, I think it's going to be very good. If therapeutically we come up with some answers very quickly, which I think we will, then you're going to have a tremendous recovery. Likewise with the vaccines. If you do that by the end of the year, that's ahead of schedule, substantially ahead of schedule, and it's ahead of anything that's ever taken place in terms of vaccines before.

So I think if those things happen, if just one of those events happen, you'll go right back into that V. And I think you're probably in the V anyway. I really do believe a lot of the governors should be opening up states that they're not opening, and we'll see what happens with them. But a lot will have to do with the fact that therapeutically I think you're going to have some great answers vaccine-wise likewise. Yeah, please go ahead.