Trump reportedly might run for president again just to get back on TV

Will former President Donald Trump run for a non-consecutive second term in 2024? He hasn't yet said — but it seems a desire to be the star of every cable news show in America again may be a factor.

A report from CNN on Wednesday described Trump's "unconventional" post-presidency life while touching on the million-dollar question of whether he'll launch another bid for the White House in 2024. One source pointed to a reason to think he might: because he really misses the days when he was the lead story on the news every night.

"He hates being off the A block," a person close to Trump told CNN, referencing the lead segment on a cable news show. "He's really thinking of running again in 2024 just to get back to that."

Trump during a recent Fox News interview said he's "beyond seriously" considering running again in 2024, though he added that it's a "little too soon" to say whether he will. As other Republicans begin to make some early 2024 moves, though, CNN reports some Trump allies are "frustrated" with his noncommittal stance.

"It's important to have a field-clearing exercise sooner rather than later if he's going to run," a former senior administration official told CNN, "otherwise some of these other guys are going to start getting momentum."

It looks like Trump, though, might soon have more of an opportunity for cable news coverage, even if not during the A block. According to CNN, he's looking to resume his MAGA rallies "as early as May."

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