Trump says FBI Director Wray has been 'disappointing'

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In an interview with Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business Thursday morning, President Trump wouldn’t say if he would replace FBI Director Christopher Wray in a second term but called him “disappointing” for not investigating the president’s claims of voter fraud. There is no evidence of widespread voter fraud or problems with mail-in voting.

Video Transcript

MARIA BARTIROMO: How come we haven't seen this stuff before? We had a Mueller report, a Michael Horowitz report, a Senate Intel report. And where was Christopher Wray in all of this? Let me ask you, Mr. President-- address Christopher Wray-- will you replace him in a second term?

DONALD TRUMP: Well, I don't want to say that. Yeah, he's been disappointing. He talks about-- you know, even the voting thing, like he doesn't see the voting ballots as a problem. There are thousands of ballots right now. You pick up any paper in the country practically, and they're cheating all over the place on the ballots. So how is that not a problem?