Trump says he'll 'likely' get tested for coronavirus after meeting official who tested positive

Brendan Morrow

President Trump on Friday said he will "most likely" get tested for the novel coronavirus after he was around a Brazilian official who later tested positive for it, though he doesn't sound to be in a huge rush.

Trump in a news conference on Friday faced multiple questions about whether he was taking any precautions after an aide to Brazil's president tested positive for the COVID-19 coronavirus days after he was at Mar-a-lago with Trump and took a photo with him.

Initially, Trump said he was not planning to take any precautions because he has "no symptoms whatsoever." But after multiple follow-up questions, Trump eventually said he "most likely" would receive a coronavirus test.

"Not for that reason, but because I think I will do it anyway," Trump said.

Asked when this would happen, Trump said "fairly soon," adding, "we're working out a schedule." He had previously sounded dismissive over concerns that he took a photo with someone who now has the virus.

"There was somebody that they say has it," Trump said. "I have no idea who he is. But I take pictures and it lasts for literally seconds. I don't know the gentleman that we're talking about."

The White House after the aide tested positive this week said that Trump had "almost no interactions with the individual" and does "not require being tested at this time."

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