Trump says the ‘suburban housewife’ will vote for him over Biden

President Trump claims that ‘low income housing’ will bring the ‘suburban housewife’ to vote for him over Joe Biden in the presidential election.

Video Transcript

JULIE HYMAN: It's time for "Word on the Street" where we check in with our panelists, find out what stories they are watching.

Rick is actually watching a myth, the myth of the suburban housewife who President Trump says will be putting him over the top in November.

RICK NEWMAN: Here's Trump's pitch to what he calls a suburban housewife. They're all going to vote for him because what Trump is going to do is prevent low-income housing from coming to the suburbs, which means what he's saying is he is going to keep the suburbs white and make sure brown and Black people don't move in.

So that's enough. That's controversial enough, but I want to ask any married woman with kids out there who might be watching or might be on the panel or might even be one of the producers-- Val-- who might have feelings about this in the Hangout. Who thinks they're a housewife? Who considers themself a housewife at this point?

If you look at the actual demographic data, it's a tiny portion of American adults who are women with kids who stay at home and don't work for pay. At least 70% of women with kids do work. We've seen, obviously, women become a much larger point of the workforce over time. And Donald Trump, I call him '70s man because he likes tariffs, he likes beauty pageants, and he likes housewives.

JULIE HYMAN: Yeah, that definitely elicited some strong reactions in Slack channel--


RICK NEWMAN: --a housewife.

JULIE HYMAN: No! I'm a working mother. There we go. All right--

INES FERRE: Housewife is so 1980s.

JULIE HYMAN: If not '50s. All right--



INES FERRE: Or '70s or '60s, yeah.

JULIE HYMAN: --you are--