Trump shares old photo of DeSantis appearing to party with teen girls when he was teacher

Things are getting ugly fast between Don and Ron.

Former President Donald Trump on Tuesday shared a 21-year-old photo purportedly showing Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis partying with teenage girls when he was a teacher at their school.

“That’s not Ron is it?” Trump wrote sarcastically on his social media site. “He would never do such a thing.”

The 45th president later shared the same photo along with a post that denounced DeSantis as “pretty gross” for “cuddling” with the teenage female students, one of whom is holding a brown bottle.

“No way!” Trump wrote in mock surprise.

The image apparently first surfaced in 2021 when a news site called published a story about it.

DeSantis reportedly taught history for a year at the Darlington School, a private co-ed school in Rome, Ga.

The New York Times reported that DeSantis had reputation for partying with students there. Some former students also recalled being offended by his views about the Civil War, which they considered to favor the pro-slavery Confederate side.

To date, Trump is the only pol to announce a run for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination. Polls indicate DeSantis would be his main rival if he chooses to run.

Trump has already been lobbing insults at DeSantis, branding him as a “globalist” and Republican in name only.

DeSantis has so far refrained from hitting back at Trump, although he often reminds supporters that he demolished Democrats to win a second term in the midterms as Trump’s handpicked candidates struggled.