Trump says response to Puerto Rico storm 'underappreciated'

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    "he was still waiting for Trump to respond to a petition to help Puerto Rico complete work on emergency housing restoration programs and debris removal."
    yea.. he probably shouldn't hold his breath for a response at this point....
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    And still not one word on the typhoon in Guam which is in a state of emergency.
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    I think the people of Puerto Rico have a different feeling about Trump's alleged success.
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    I sure hope Trump can do for the East Coast what he did for Puerto Rico.
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    Trump claimed that Puerto Rico is an "INACCESSIBLE ISLAND". This is strange since I have been able to access this island by Sea and Air.
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    I'm just glad that he eventually figured out that Trump eventually figured out that Puerto Rico was an island, surrounded by a tremendous amount to water. I think he is still processing that its residents are U.S. citizens though.
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    It’s an island!!! Surrounded by big beautiful water!! Who knew??
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    Really? Did they return the $10 million back to FEMA? How about PR, how are our citizens there? Do they have power, water, food and shelter? What about Ohio, I believe they had flood issues too.
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    There's a misconception (mostly pushed by GOPers) about Puerto Rico's aging power grid being the reason it was damaged so badly during the hurricane that I would like to clear up. The main problem was that 50,000+ utility poles were downed during the hurricane. What most people don't know is that many of those poles were made of CONCRETE. If all 50,000 had been brand new WOOD poles, they would have failed also.
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    I recently returned from a trip to the US Virgin Islands. They too were devastated by the Hurricanes last year but no one ever seems to talk about them?