Trump supporter pulled gun on woman after spotting Elizabeth Warren bumper sticker, police say

Vincent Wood

A Trump supporter accused of waving a gun at a woman after a row over her Elizabeth Warren bumper sticker has been arrested on terror charges.

Joseph Schumacher is accused of having driven up alongside a woman on Monday after spotting a sign on her car voicing support for democratic presidential frontrunner Elizabeth Warren.

As he pulled alongside her he rolled down his window, gesturing to the sign on his own car, which read Trump 2020.

The two began to argue from their cars on the central road through Moorhead, Minnesota, a city that sits on the border between the state – which voted in favour of Hillary Clinton in 2016 – and North Dakota, 62% of which which came out for Donald Trump in the same election.

Ms Warren has supported an impeachment probe of the president but warned Democrats not to overreach: Getty

The back-and-forth continued for several blocks, however authorities say Mr Schumacher escalated the argument when he pulled out a gun and proceeded to wave it at the democratic supporter before driving away.

After finding the suspect at a nearby business, officers discovered a loaded handgun by the driver’s seat.

A passenger in his car later confirmed the 27-year-old’s actions.

Mr Schumacher, of West Fargo, North Dakota, has since been charged on suspicion of making terroristic threats, and one count of having a loaded weapon in a vehicle without a permit.