Trump supporters outside poll draw police attention

Trump supporters screamed their devotion to the incumbent via bull horns across the street from a Houston voting center. Some Biden voters thought the cheering was a form of voter intimidation, so they started escorting people to the polling place. (Nov. 3)

Video Transcript

- Good morning.

- President Trump's gonna win the popular vote and the electoral college. This is history in the making, ladies and gentlemen!

- He might be in the big house, he might be in the big house, but he won't be in the White House!

ART ACEVEDO: Everybody out here is trying to support their candidate and they were using a bullhorn. Can't use it within 1,000 feet, and for a demonstration, you can't use it without a permanent, an amplified bullhorn. So all we did was educate them on the ordinance and the law and they were very cooperative. So things went very smoothly.


ANDY VALADEZ: No one's ever said anything to me. Typically when someone says they were intimidated, they call the cops, the cops come out and check. So they weren't intimidated 'cause they didsn't call 911. there was no threat, there's no danger.

ALL: Four more years! Four more years! Four more years!

LEVVI GUERRA: I think at anytime when you are in a mass group like the Trump supporters are today, and they are screaming and they are stopping people from being comfortable crossing the street, I think that that is a form of suppression and intimidation for voters.