Trump supporters rally on eve of Georgia election

President Donald Trump will travel to Georgia Monday night to rally for U.S. Senate candidates Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue. Republicans need just one victory between Perdue and Loeffler, both seeking second terms, to maintain Senate control. (Jan. 4)

Video Transcript

ROSE DYBEL: I made sure I voted early. But we cannot trust any of these results. Really, I felt stupid even-- even voting. But I said to myself, the mass numbers. We still need the mass numbers to come out and show the support for Donald Trump. Raffensperger and the rest, and Brian Kemp, they're all culpable. They're all complicit and the biggest fraud in American history.

JIM DIGIORGIO: You must be-- listening to the entire phone call, I think the president had every right to-- to express his concern. And I think his intent was taken way out of context by most of mass media. It sounds overdramatic to say that everything's on the line. But it is, you know, with-- with the-- the numbers being as close as they are.

I don't have 100% confidence that the-- the results tomorrow are going to be accurate. In fact, we shouldn't even be having, perhaps, this vote. If the election on November 3 was held properly, I don't know that David Perdue would have even had to have an election tomorrow.