Trump's allies are reportedly growing even more tired of Rudy Giuliani

Tim O'Donnell

It appears to be an open secret in Washington that President Trump is Rudy Giuliani's last remaining fan.

Numerous Trump allies have been trying to get the president to rid himself of his attorney before he does too much damage, Politico reports, echoing an earlier report from The Wall Street Journal, in which a source said Trump was the only person in his administration who didn't mind the former New York City mayor's frequent and rambling TV appearances.

It's not just about those TV appearances anymore, though. Two of Giuliani's contacts who helped him try to dig up dirt on former Vice President Joe Biden's activities in Ukraine were arrested on campaign finance-related charges, and Giuliani himself may be under investigation for possibly breaking lobbying laws in light of allegations that he undermined the former American ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch.

Trump said Friday he wasn't sure if Giuliani was still his lawyer, though he remained complimentary of him. Giuliani later confirmed that he was indeed still representing the president, perhaps to the chagrin of Trump's other confidants.

"Rudy needs to stop talking," a former Trump campaign official who remains close to the administration said. Another source said Giuliani is "massively hurting" Trump, and an outside Trump adviser said the lawyer needs to "focus on himself and not Ukraine."

If Trump does eventually turn on him? Well, one Republic suggested Giuliani might just keep doing his thing, anyway, Politico reports. Read more at Politico.