Trump’s campaign chief is questioned about ties to Russian billionaire

Michael Isikoff
Chief Investigative Correspondent
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    It becomes clearer how the establishment media controls our politicians with bribes and blackmail. They collect and save information on every important or potentially important person that could be suddenly brought up and used against them. The establishment media is controlled by anti-Christ (Je....)wish billionaire oligarchs who manipulate the media and use it in the service of Israel and Zionism--the Synagogue of Satan. It's amazing how the day after Mr. Manafort helps Trump with a huge knockout victory the media "SUDDENLY" finds this information to attack Mr. Manafort in order to destroy his effectiveness against the Republican establishment politicians who are trying to steal Trump delegates.
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    if trump hired manafort without the proper due diligence, as appears might be the case, what does that say about his unearthly abilities to know and read people all the while making america great again and making our heads spin with his great deal making abilities? all trump supporters are jerkoffs without the common sense of the dreaded fruit fly.
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    Banal Intercourse
    Last Friday "Vice" on HBO ran a great segment on the scamming and mistreatment of the foreign workers building Trump's golf club in Dubai. Things like paying them half the promised rate, charging excessive visa fees and seizing the worker's passports until those fees are paid off.

    Of course the Trump Corp. denied any knowledge of the wrongdoing, shifting blame to their Dubai partner.

    All part of a pattern his fanboys are too taken in by the scam to acknowledge, just like the Trump University scam, the multiple bankruptcies in order to get out of paying the other people's money, and the fines for employing illegal immigrants on his construction projects.

    You have to laugh at how they're all whining about being disenfranchised by the Republicans as if they were ever really part kf the franchise to begin with, and somehow think that Trump has welcomed them into the fold.
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    Carl Fockkks Noose
    Not since Jesus Christ (God's Son) hiself was alive has a man captured the hearts and imaginations of a people. Like Christ the LORD, Mr. Trump knows that you have to be a showman to really get the attention of peoples. Christ used magic tricks like walking on water or making multiple loaves of bread. This left his audiences in awe.

    Mr. Trump does the same. Mr. Trump fires people on his TV show, ran the Miss Universe Contest and even has his own fragrance line. Mr. Trumps antics really get us Christians in a riled state of euphoria, much like Christ's crazy actions (like trashing a Temple.) The best part of Mr. Trump is that he appreciates and loves us. After he won the Nevada Caucus, he specifically thanked us when he said that he loved the poorly educated. This makes the hearts of all of us Christians tingle. Mr. Trump will make America great again. All Christians are throwing our support behind Mr Trump because we feel confident with him representing us and speaking on our behalf.

    Please vote GOP or as my Pastor calls it, "God's Own Party" in 2016.
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    Donald LOVES the Poorly educated
    ITS TIME TOO SEND ALL ILLEGAL MEXICANS, JEWS, PILLOW BITERS, AND MUSLIMS BACK TOO THE MIDDLE EAST. Them SINNERS our destroying are wants grate country. They have stole are jobs, and they have tooken way to much of are freedom away from us. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Each time I watch the television and sea a story regarding how an ILLEGAL tomato picker stole won of are jobs, my face gets RED from the HATE and SORROW that I feel. These pesky and stinky Mexicans need too bee drove out of this country: AMERICA THE GRATE!!! In order four us AMERICANS too make this happen, we kneed too vote four Trump and his GLORIOUS border wall in 2016. That wall will bee 1200 feat high, and it will be STUNNING, MAGNIFICENT, and MIGHTY! The Grate Wall of China will not compare. The pyramids in Egypt will crumble from the fear. Them LIBERAL trash will get BLINDED by the BORDER WALL OF BEAUTY. Them Asians will visit America and take photos of this indelible, FORGIVING wall of GLORY. VOTE FOUR DONALD J. TRUMP. KNOW MORE COMMON CORE! KNOW MORE MEXICANS! KNOW MORE MUSLIMS! KNOW MORE JEWISH PEOPLE!!! We had never saw a man like Trump, butt we must vote four AMERICA and her SAFETY. Trump has spoke, and he will make AMERICA GRATE...AGAIN! If you do not vote four Donald, you're jobs will bee took, and your going too bee mad about it.

    TRUMP/PALIN 2016
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    RIP Frogfucious
    What did Trump know and when??
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    Trump is a narcissist who resents every second of attention not given to him. A man that selfish should not be President. It is a sickness that can't be cured and it is dangerous to have a man like that running a Nation. Put him in a room and it has to be all about him only. He will not allow other views and share a debate. Only a megalomaniac destroys his brand for attention and can not be put in a position where he can destroy the American Brand.
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    Trump is a narcissist, someone who is arrogant, an exhibitionist, vain, manipulative, and greedy for admiration. Often caused by childhood trauma and PTSD. Narcissists do not do well with sharing, especially when it comes to relationships and friendships do to their need of attention and admiration. They crave attention and often get jealous when others receive it more than them. Narcissist cannot be helped because they usually do not know that they are narcissistic............If Trump actually made it to the Oval Office it would not take long for Government leaders to realize Trump is to loony, unstable and dangerous to be Commander in Chief. They would send in a couple guys wearing White Suits into the Oval Office armed with a syringe full of Thorazine and a Straight-Jacket. With his hands bound so he couldn't hurt him self tweeting, they would then wheel him out on a hand truck like Hannibal Lechter. They would keep him in a tin-foil padded cell in Guantanamo.
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    Trump represents the seedy underbelly of America. He uses the uneducated, weak-minded and those with low self esteem to follow him around like misguided cult members.
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    Trump obviously suffers from a Narcissistic personality disorder, a mental disorder in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for admiration and a lack of empathy for others. The only person he helps is himself. He is the kind of person who gets a hard-on when he looks at himself in the mirror.