Trump's competitor promises to give part of Ukraine to Russia and block Kyiv's accession to NATO

Vivek Ramaswamy, a candidate for the presidential nomination from the Republican Party of the USA, who is in the top three in terms of popularity among Republican supporters, promises to recognize the Russian occupation of Ukraine and block its path to NATO if elected president.

Source: Ramaswamy in the programme article for The American Conservative

Details: Part of the material concerning Russia's full-scale war against Ukraine repeats the thesis expressed by the Republican that the greatest danger for the United States is the rapprochement between Moscow and Beijing.

At the same time, Ramaswamy draws parallels with the foreign policy of Richard Nixon (who decided to establish diplomatic relations with the PRC to oppose its rapprochement with the USSR – and, incidentally, got involved in the war in Vietnam).

Quote: "As U.S. president, I will respect and revive Nixon’s legacy by rejecting the bloodthirsty blather of the useful idiots who preach a no-win war in Ukraine that forces our two great power foes ever closer."

More details: Ramaswamy thinks that "the longer the war in Ukraine goes on, it becomes ever clearer that there is only one winner: China."

Therefore, the candidate for the Republican nomination in the presidential elections in the USA wants to repeat Nixon's act and go to Moscow in 2025 to "deliver peace in Ukraine" on "terms that put American interests first".

Quote: "To that end, I will accept Russian control of the occupied territories and pledge to block Ukraine’s candidacy for NATO in exchange for Russia exiting its military alliance with China. I will end sanctions and bring Russia back into the world market. In this way, I will elevate Russia as a strategic check on China’s designs in East Asia."

For reference: 38-year-old Vivek Ramaswamy is the youngest candidate to participate in the presidential elections in the United States from the Republicans. He was previously engaged in a successful business in the biotechnology field. Ramaswamy views himself as a libertarian in his views, but simultaneously actively opposes the so-called "leftism" – a set of progressive policies to fight discrimination.

Although Ramaswamy was not involved in politics before the current campaign, his approval rate now hovers around 5-6%, and the media regularly interview him. At the first and so far the last debate of the Republican candidates most of the audience preferred Ramaswamy to Trump's most likely rival – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

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