Trump's RNC stage will be flanked by 54 American flags

·1 min read

President Trump is a man who loves a good American flag. He's been known to tenderly pat Old Glory from time to time, and once gave a flag in Tampa the sort of hug typically reserved for long lost relatives, or soldiers returning home from war. Yes indeed, Trump is a man who loves the flag.

Fittingly, on Thursday, the final night of the Republican convention, Trump will be flanked on stage by no fewer than 54 of his star-spangled friends (technically 55, if you count the one on top of the White House). Sure, there will be those who say that 54 is maybe an unnecessary amount of flags, that people start to get the point — that gee, this man sure loves America! — around 12 or 13.

But Trump doesn't want there to be any confusion. He will put every flag salesman in the Capital Region out of business so long as you make no mistake: he loves! the! flag!

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