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4 truth-or-dare questions on season so far

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Channing Frye takes a new-school approach to Truth or Dare with some hot questions buzzing around the NBA.

Video Transcript

RO PARRISH: --true or false. But we keep it current. We play FAX, which is false-- FAX, this is true, I should say. I'm messing it all up. Or CAP-- and I came up with this myself. CAP is false.

So you-- at the beginning of the season, you said that the Jazz would finish no lower than the second seed in the Western Conference. So far you've been right. They're number one. So it's time to give you a flower. So the first question for you-- the Suns, better suited for the playoffs than the Jazz, FAX or CAP?



CHANNING FRYE: Why? The Jazz have vets. Think about what they did last year. They lost to Denver in a seven-game series without Bogdanovic. And Mike Conley was still getting into a system. Jordan Clarkson wasn't as good as he is this year.

Everyone's feeling good. They're confident. But they also play with a chip on their shoulder. And they're shooting that ball. Man, they're shooting the skin off that thang.

RO PARRISH: Yeah, OK. So you're still riding high with the Jazz?


RO PARRISH: I'm not mad at that. So you're not buying what CP3 is doing out there with Devin Booker.

CHANNING FRYE: I'm buying it. I'm buying it, just not more than the Jazz.


CHANNING FRYE: I'm buying it. They just don't have enough scoring. They play playoff basketball. They're really good defensively. Their pace of the game is one of the slowest. But when playoffs come, some of those other guys off the bench are gonna have a hard time scoring.

RO PARRISH: Understood. So LeBron James, will he win MVP? FAX or CAP?


RO PARRISH: That's your boy.

CHANNING FRYE: That's my guy, but I gotta say CAP.




CHANNING FRYE: He's my guy.

RO PARRISH: Tell me why.

CHANNING FRYE: Here's why-- what Joel Embiid and James Harden are doing is unbelievable. I think he's playing a lot of minutes right now. At the end of the day, he's gonna do what's best for his body. I think, in the second half of the season, I don't know if he can keep this up and then still have enough to win a championship.

And to me, all that matters to him-- if he can get his fifth championship, he's not only on Mount Rushmore, he's in the airest of the air-- right, the thinnest of the air.


CHANNING FRYE: For me, James Harden, by being on such a good team, is accentuating everything that he does great. And Joel Embiid is a monster. If he stays healthy-- when was the last time a big man got MVP?

RO PARRISH: Shaq in 2000.

CHANNING FRYE: He's dominating-- oh, wow. OK, I knew your guy knew that. Shout out to big Shaq, big Shaqtus. Joel Embiid's doing something special. Philly fans should be excited. They gave him the keys to the city. And he's finally unlocking and get him a big old Philly cheesesteak.

RO PARRISH: He's definitely doing that. If LeBron wins the MVP, he would be the oldest since Karl Malone won it in 1998. So that would be impressive. So number three, the Wizards will grab the eighth seed in the East, FAX or CAP? And you're really high on Bradley Beal.

CHANNING FRYE: I'm really high on Bradley Beal.

RO PARRISH: When you were watching Sunday, he said Bradley Beal needs to be in the MVP conversation.

CHANNING FRYE: That was before.


CHANNING FRYE: My opinions change every day. Have you met me?


No, FAX, they're not gonna make it. Or CAP, they're not gonna make the eighth.


CHANNING FRYE: I don't think they're gonna make the eighth. I think it's hard for them to sustain what they're doing. They've had injuries. Russell Westbrook is up and down. Bradley Beal, what's he's doing, he hit the NOS button early this year.

So I don't know, he probably got $1.50 left in that tank. But he's gonna be amazing. But I don't know about the Wizards being able to make the playoffs with the eighth spot. They do wonderful. But if I'm hedging a bet, I gotta say CAP on that.

RO PARRISH: Nice "Fast and Furious" reference right there with the NOS. Moving forward, you talked about James Harden, how good he is. The keys have been given to Joel Embiid. The Sixers, Nets in the East Finals. FAX or CAP?

CHANNING FRYE: I like the way the Bucks are playing right now.


CHANNING FRYE: But here's my only thing. Can Jrue Holiday be healthy? I'm gonna say FAX. I'm gonna say FAX. It's hard. The Nets are so stinking good. Right? It's like you double-team James Harden and KD gets the ball. You double-team KD and Kyrie gets the ball.

And now that Kyrie's white-saging every locker room and court, you ain't got a chance. He hit me with the walking stick like Gandalf the Grey. So nobody got a chance versus the Nets. I think the Nets-Philly, that's the truth.

RO PARRISH: Awesome right there, Eastern Conference. Bonus question, Jazz come out of the West, FAX or CAP?

CHANNING FRYE: Oh, super-CAP. I'm not betting against LeBron. Are you tripping?

RO PARRISH: OK. I'm just saying. I'm just wondering if it's gonna happen.

CHANNING FRYE: It's gonna go to the Western Conference Finals. But listen, when it comes down to winning time, there's few and far between players I'm gonna put above 'Bron.

RO PARRISH: I mean, he did put a ring on that hand.

CHANNING FRYE: I mean, not like that.

RO PARRISH: Not like Beyonce, not like that.

CHANNING FRYE: Right, OK. Not all the single ladies.

RO PARRISH: But he did hook you up in 2016.

CHANNING FRYE: Oh, he did. Listen--

RO PARRISH: Yeah, he did.

CHANNING FRYE: We got him there. Richard and I carried him. We carried him.


CHANNING FRYE: We carried the team. And then, in the Finals, we said, load manage.


RO PARRISH: That is the first edition of FAX or CAP right here on NBA TV. We might have confused you. But that's OK. We're gonna do it again another time, another day.