TruTrade.IO Announces Launch of New MarketRipper Product

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MESA, AZ / ACCESSWIRE / December 22, 2020 / TruTrade.IO, a global trading technology company known for their revolutionary approach to risk management, is proud to announce the launch of a new product, MarketRipper.

MarketRipper is part of the next generation in automated scalping software, empowering users to take advantage of small price changes in the market. The software is TruTrade.IO's flagship automated scalping software, which aims to help anyone become a successful trader and grow their account on a daily basis.

According to TruTrade.IO, MarketRipper was specifically designed to scalp target after target with total precision. The main benefit of the product is that it enables traders to take advantage of market volatility while still providing them with long term investment opportunities.

MarketRipper works and manages positions through TruTrade.IO's cutting edge, proprietary dynamic risk management module (DRAMM). It gives traders the ability to "dial in their downside risk and target strategies within each position." In essence, MarketRipper gives traders the opportunity to exploit short term inefficiencies in financial markets, something that has been difficult to achieve in the past.

Ultimately, the new software provides traders with true hedging capabilities and allows traders to hedge positions within one instrument, as well as hedge positions within multiple instruments at the same time - and it makes the process simple.

With the launch of MarketRipper, TruTrade.IO has set a new standard in modern trading automation.

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About TruTrade.IO
TruTrade.IO is a company that specializes in quantitative trading technology. The technology they produce provides a solution for retail traders who want to trade using the same techniques as large investment banks and hedge funds. Ultimately, TruTrade.IO allows traders to take their trading to the next level, thanks to their cutting-edge algorithmic trading technology. To experience TruTrade automated trading systems for yourself please visit YouTube .

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