Try these hacks to organize your bathroom on a low budget

Transform your bathroom with these easy storage tips

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FILLIP HORD: Welcome to "In The Know Uncluttered." I'm Fillip.

JAMIE HORD: And I'm Jamie, and today, we're going to talk to you about bathrooms. So in your bathroom, you want to assess what your prime real estate is. And that might be the top drawers in your vanity, but in this bathroom here, it's the medicine cabinet. The first shelf, which is the most accessible, you're going to have your everyday items. The next shelf up, we have mouthwash and flossers, Q-Tips, face razors, and shaving cream.

FILLIP HORD: And then up here, you have the less-used items. If you're not getting ready with makeup, et cetera, in the morning, then you can put it up here where it's not as accessible.

JAMIE HORD: Let me walk you through some of the organizers we're using here. Here, we're just using some shallow, acrylic, single dividers. We don't want the organizers too tall or it's going to be hard to get them in and out. And then here, we're using taller organizers. That way, you can really stock up on items that you might be using every day like flossers, or Q-Tips. We're using the same tall organizers up here. You can always grab them down, grab what you need, and stick them back up.

FILLIP HORD: And moving on, the less prime real estate area in this bathroom would be underneath the sink.

JAMIE HORD: So underneath the sink is usually one large, dark hole and then there's usually a pipe right down the middle of it. So the best way to maximize the space is by using stackable drawers so you could really customize your space around that pipe.

FILLIP HORD: We have these acrylic stick-on bins, which are really great because we want to utilize every square inch of underneath the bathroom sink. Bathrooms seem to never have enough space in them so this is a really great way to add to that space and to that containment.

JAMIE HORD: So we hope these tips are helpful for you to get your under the sink and medicine cabinet organized. I'm Jamie.

FILLIP HORD: And I'm Fillip. And this is "In the Know Uncluttered." Thanks for watching.