Tucker Carlson mocked on Twitter for calling Barack Obama a ‘hater’

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Tucker Carlson has been widely mocked on Twitter after calling Barack Obama a ‘hater’.

The Fox News pundit’s attack prompted an outpouring of outrage and derision on Twitter, with users accusing Mr Carlson, who is well-known for his right-wing rants and anti-immigration rhetoric, of hypocrisy.

‘Hypocritical man calling someone a hater ... how much sense does that make?!?!?’ said one post.

Tucker Carlson has the audacity to call Obama a hater. Tucker should look in the mirror more often’ said another.

Mr Carlson was responding to Mr Obama’s recent comments to CNN about right-wing news outlets, which he said were making money out of stoking fear and resentment among white Americans.

“[They] do everything they can to give people a sense that their way of life is threatened,” Mr Obama told CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

Mr Obama also mocked right wingers for being obsessed with critical race theory, which has been the topic of heated debate in the US in recent months.

‘Lo and behold, the single most important issue to them currently right now is critical race theory.’ he said. ‘Who knew that that was the threat to our republic?”

Carlson responded by telling Fox News viewers: “He’s back to let you know that if you’ve got any problem with your kids’ teachers telling them that some races are better than others that you, my friend, are a racist.”

He went on to say that Mr Obama should have “retreated to Hawaii and Martha’s Vineyard,” where the former president and his wife, Michelle, recently bought a $12m beachfront property.

“That guy is a hater. For real.” he added.

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