Tucker Carlson Says Anyone Talking About ‘Ghost Guns’ Must Be a Biden ‘Propagandist’

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Tucker Carlson on Monday reacted to the Biden administration’s efforts to curtail the prevalence of ghost guns by claiming that that term is made up and that anyone who uses it in earnest is but a “propagandist” for the Biden administration.

“As Joe Biden has explained, your constitutional rights extend precisely as far as he says they do. In other words, you have no rights. He’ll tell you what your rights are,” Carlson distorted. “As he put it, ‘No amendment is absolute,’ Biden lectured us. And that’s particularly true with the Second Amendment.”

Carlson then played a clip of Biden at the White House on Monday talking about ghost guns, or as the Fox News host called them, “something he made up.” In fact, ghost guns are privately manufactured firearms assembled from parts that can often be made on 3D printers, and that— unlike guns made by licensed companies—often do not have serial numbers.

Since ghost guns are becoming more popular yet make investigators’ jobs much more difficult after they’re used to commit crimes, the Biden administration is expanding the definition of a firearm to include certain parts and is requiring arms dealers to license and add serial numbers to those parts. Background checks would also be required.

Carolson, echoing gun rights groups that argue this is executive branch overreach, said Biden “doesn’t care what Congress thinks,” and is “just going to go ahead and do it.”

Carlson then portrayed Biden’s decision as one motivated by political vindictiveness.

“The same administration that’s letting gun felons walk has decided that Trump voters who have guns that they work on because they have physical skills must be suppressed and disarmed. This is purely political,” he huffed.

“If you wanted to lower the murder rate, you wouldn’t even bother to make up the phrase ‘ghost gun.’ You’d just bust people who use guns in the commission of crimes. That’s the last thing they are going to do, because those are Democratic voters,” added Carlson, who has fretted that gun buybacks would bring about “civil war.”

“Just to be clear: There is no such thing as a ghost gun. It's a made-up phrase, and anyone you see on television or print repeating that phrase is a propagandist working on behalf of the forces of oppression: the Biden administration,” cried Carlson, who then compared the components of a gun to parts of a vehicle.

“You also need a license to drive a car, but that doesn’t mean if you order a new fuel injector online that you need a license for that too. This is an effort to disarm people who don’t vote for the Democrats.”

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