Tucker Carlson says one of his children was in the Capitol during Jan. 6 riot

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson revealed in a podcast released on Thursday that one of his children was in the Capitol during the Jan. 6 riot.

During an episode of "The Fourth Watch Podcast," host Steve Krakauer asked Carlson about his "Patriot Purge" documentary, which attempts to provide an alternative narrative to the events reported around the Jan. 6 riot, including one person mentioning a debunked "false flag operation" conspiracy theory.

"What is it about the focus on Jan. 6, but then the focus on very specific areas of Jan. 6, that made you say, 'We need to give a different look at this,'" Krakauer asked Carlson.

"Well, I hated what happened on Jan. 6, you know one of my kids was actually in the building when it had happened - I was on the phone in real time," the Fox News host answered.

Though Carlson did not indicate which of his children was in the Capitol during the Jan. 6 insurrection, it was likely a reference to his son, Buckley Carlson, who works for Rep. Jim Banks's (R-Ind.) office.

Carlson also said during the podcast episode that "anyone who calls Jan. 6 an insurrection is a liar at this point."

More than 500 people have been arrested in connection to the Jan. 6 riot, during which supporters of former President Trump attempted to stop Congress from certifying President Biden's 2020 election.

Carlson's comments come as several Fox personalities have reportedly raised concerns about the controversial documentary, according to NPR. During a November appearance on Brian Kilmeade's radio show, Kilmeade asked Fox News host Bret Baier if he was "bothered by it."

"There's a ... Brian, I don't want to go down this road," Baier answered at the time. "You know, I mean, there were concerns about it definitely ... I think that the news division did what we do, we do when we covered the story."

The Hill has reached out to Buckley Carlson for comment.