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Tuesday March 23rd CBSN Denver Daily Sports Line

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Michael Spencer and BetMGM's Jason Scott talk about the first weekend of the NCAA tournament and discuss tonight's Nuggets-Magic matchup.

Video Transcript

MICHAEL SPENCER: Hello, everyone, and welcome in to your "CBSN Denver Daily Sportsline" for Tuesday, March 23rd. We are brought to you as always by BetMGM-- the king of sports books, and we are pleased to welcome in the king of BetMGM. Mr. Jason Scott joining us from Vegas today. Jason, when you look at the first two rounds of the NCAA Tournament, it was wild. I think it was a lot more wild than most people expected. What stood out to you through the first four ga-- four days of games?

JASON SCOTT: I think what really stood out, as well as the upsets, because nobody wants-- none of your viewers want to hear a bet-maker brag about how much money he's won. But I think the Pac-12-- nobody saw how strong that conference was. Even-- even as I was saying before off air that I expected Kansas to lose to USC, but I didn't expect to see them get dominated. We've seen so many strong teams come out of that conference, and it's great to see basketball's alive on the West Coast.

MICHAEL SPENCER: Yeah, a lot of Buff fans kicking themselves for being the only Pac-12 team to lose in the tournament so far. And hard to believe that 25% of the Sweet 16 is made up of teams from the Pac-12. I think a lot of people-- people's eyes are now open, and that conference getting a lot of respect over the last couple of days, as it rightly should. Jason, when you look at the NBA tonight, we've got the Nuggets visiting the Orlando Magic. Denver is minus-7. The total here is at 216.5. I'm tempted to stay away from this game, although I do think that the Nuggets will win. What do you like, if anything, about this contest?

JASON SCOTT: I'm not-- I'm not usually a fan of forgiving bad starts. I'm not a big fan of the Magic even more than that, so I'll be happy to take the minus-7 on the Nuggets.

MICHAEL SPENCER: [LAUGHS] Yeah, Orlando is dreadful right now. They've lost 10 of their last 11. They're talking about trading away Aaron Gordon. Of course, he-- there's talks that he may end up here in Denver. We'll see how that progresses over the next couple of days. One thing that I do really like in this game is on the player-prop side. Michael Porter Jr. and the points-- he's at 16.5. Jason, in my mind-- our camera man is laughing right now, our photographer, Kevin Harper, because I slobber over Michael Porter Jr., in his words. But, Jason, I don't think the books have adjusted, because he's had 17 or more in seven straight games and 10 of his last 11, in terms of the points for Michael Porter Jr. so far.

JASON SCOTT: Sometimes we're slow to believe our eyes, and we let our opinion get in front of it, and this might be one of those cases, where-- where your faith has paid off and we're being-- being stubborn for no good reason.

MICHAEL SPENCER: Well, you guys did adjust the rebounds numbers, because it was at 7.5 there for a while, and I was telling people, hey, man, hammer that, hammer that, hammer that, and now it's bumped up to 8.5. So I'm off of that, but I still love MPJ on the points at 16.5 on the over tonight. Jason, when you look at the rest of the NBA slate this evening, anything stand out?

JASON SCOTT: Yeah, I think the bookmakers have made a mistake on another game-- I think the Nets at the Blazers. Kyrie and Kevin Durant are at home. Harden's a game-time decision. And I think minus-3.5 is-- there's a really interesting stat. I looked at it this morning. The Blazers have lost by over 20 points seven times this year. They've won six of them the game after. Of course, they lost by 40 to the Mavericks on Sunday. They beat to a different drum, Dame and that group. Feels like they just need a wake-up call every now and then to refocus. They had that. I think Nets without their stars might feel the brunt of that. Minus-3.5 doesn't look enough to me.

MICHAEL SPENCER: I don't know what's most impressive or stands out the most about that stat-- the stat that the-- the Blazers have rebounded the way that they have or that they've lost seven games by 20-plus this season.

JASON SCOTT: Probably suggests they might give up on occasion.


MICHAEL SPENCER: Every once in a while, they mail it in is what it sounds like. That's exactly right, Jason. OK, so there you have it. Jason likes the Blazers minus-3.5 against the Nets tonight. I'm a big fan of MPJ and the points over at 16.5, and Jason likes the Nuggets, too, to cover minus-7, because the Orlando Magic are a pretty terrible basketball team. Jason, this was fun. We'll do it again next week, OK?

JASON SCOTT: Thank you, Michael.