Tulsa Man Buys Eight Billboards to Proclaim His Love for His Wife

Buy billboards, it's the Tulsa way.

At least if you're one smitten husband in T-Town who decided to do just that to show his love for his wife. As Fox 23 Tulsa reported, Josh Wilson bought eight billboards in the Tulsa metro area—originally to promote his business—and used them as a platform to proclaim his adoration for his wife, Amy.

The billboards are inscribed with "Amy, I love you more!" alongside a logo for Wilson's business, Living Water Irrigation, a sprinkler installation and repairs company, in the lefthand corner. If you're curious, no, Wilson had no impetus to spread this message other than a geniune love and respect for his better half.

"I wasn't in any trouble. Every guy who's called me has thought for sure I was in the doghouse or trouble. I just simply wanted to tell my wife I loved her," said Wilson. Meanwhile, Josh's ode to Amy was replaced earlier this week with photos of the family dogs, so clearly the man has a lot of love tugging at his heartstrings. Watch the full video segment on Fox 23 Tulsa below.

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What do you think of Josh's bold move? How would you react if you were driving through town and saw billboards with your name plastered all over them?