Tunica County looks to Ole Miss for help in addressing rapid population drop

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Leaders in a Mid-South community are trying to turn the tide and rebuild their community.

Tunica County has lost a tenth of its population in 9 years, according to the census bureau.

The Tunica County Development coalition is working with Ole Miss for answers and options.

The Tunica County Community Development Coalition has been holding meetings to hear from people in the community facing housing issues.

Jerald Davis said he’s leaving because the rent has gotten tough for him and his family.

”I know things are extremely high. We have been here for about two years, and I think we are going to move back toward the Tupelo area,” Davis said.

According to the coalition, rent on the low end in the county is around $600, but the average is around $800-900 for a one or two-bedroom apartment.

Some also said there are not enough options out there.

“We got houses here, but I think we need low-income houses,” Virgil Roach said.

“There is not enough housing here, and there is not enough development, and the ones that are here are so high you can’t afford to stay here,” Ruby Vinson said.

The coalition told FOX13 Reporter Tom Dees that the county is losing educators and college grads because of the problem and because there are not enough opportunities here.

Vinson said her grandaughter moved out because of it.

“Ain’t nothing here. If you didn’t have a casino, you got nothing. That’s why kids go to college and go on about their business. My granddaughter graduated from college and went on about her business because there ain’t nothing here,” Vinson said.

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