Tunisian female drift racer breaks stereotypes

STORY: This Tunisian racer drifts past stereotypes

Location: Tunis, Tunisia

Nour Bendhia is a trained architect

who fell in love with drift racing after accidentally walking into a race

(Nour Bendhia, Drift racer) "There is a stereotype that women don't know how to drive. Whether you like it or not, in Tunisia, in the Arab world and in the whole world, this idea exists. People are shocked when I tell them that I race, when they see my posters or see me in the media. They wonder how can a woman drive and win races - how can this happen? I used to get upset about this, but now it actually makes me happy because I am breaking this stereotype. With time, people have become accepting of the idea and they say it's great when they watch me."

Bendhia is currently training for her first international competition

and is the first Tunisian female drifter to take part in the event

She and her friends also founded ‘Dissent Diva’

an all-female car drifting club

"I feel like drift racing is a battle, we can say that the car is the beast and I am the warrior. The car has a lot of power, and I try to push it to its limits, but without losing control. I try to maintain control over it and do the things I want. In the end, winning gives you a mixture of adrenaline and satisfaction."