REFILE-Turkey will clear Syria border area of Kurdish fighters if Russia fails to act -Erdogan

By Ezgi Erkoyun and Tuvan Gumrukcu
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    Turkey will not allow human rights violation ? They already have, waiting to see when the trials start.
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    BrokeButt Putin=KGB EUROTRASH
    When was the last time Russia kept a promise? Maybe a decade ago?
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    BrokeButt Putin=KGB EUROTRASH
    Maybe Russia will ignore Turkey
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    European countries better begin their confession.
    They had sinned by attacking Assad through arming of rebels which was same as arming the extremist Sunnis who are unabashedly against the Western civilisation.
    The West did everything to destroy a country very well run by a secular dictator.
    They are seeing what a monster Erdogan is. Now, the West has no one to turn to. They have also pushed the Russians so far that Putin has now no choice but dance with the tune set by Erdogan.
    I hope the West European nation shall now confess, shed their hypocrisy and admit that they are now facing an existential crisis due to their own fault. It is an extraordinary situation. They should unequivocally declare that no refugees should be entertained. Refugees either go back to their own land or live life in secluded camps without any hopes of being absorbed.
    At the same time they should help Assad whole heartedly to rebuild the infrastructure.
    That is the only way they can save themselves.
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    Since Trump withdrew our Special Forces for Northern Syria, hand Trump and his M16 rifles and let them clear 20 miles deep inside Turkey and create a safe zone for the Kurds against Erdogan and his thug mercernary fighters!
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    "Turkey will COMMIT GENOCIDE to clear Syrian border". There, I FIXED your headline for you...
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    Tiger Myname
    I believe that Turkey should open its borders to Europe that the refugees can chose which way they want to go. If any country did war crimes should be the USA, Israel and Myanmar. The USA warned the International War Crime court if they insist on prosecuting American soldiers, then the USA will retaliate. Israel killed thousands of Palestinians in " self defense". Erdogan did not kill Kurds , but he is protecting his people from the YPG who killed 40000 Turks since 1980. Where is the wold's justice? Is it selective?
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    Let's "clear" Turkey of Turks.
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    BrokeButt Putin=KGB EUROTRASH
    Russia doesnt want to act.