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    Ninja Pig
    Temporarily release? So once this cools down a bit the government will expect to see all of these criminals voluntarily return?
  • b
    I don't get politicians logic behind releasing prisoners, they are already basically in quarantine. Who does that benefit besides the criminals?
  • T
    That Guy
    Turkey to release 45k political prisoners as virus spread across the country.
  • x
    45,000 prisoners released with no money, no job opportunities, no place to live. What will they do? Commit crimes.
  • .
    I saw Midnight Express, and I know that releasing Turkish prisoners is a REALLY bad idea.
  • t
    How can you temporarily release 45,000 people?? Besides where do you think they are going to go?? Turkey was correctly named. They are about to see an increase in infections.
  • S
    All the more reason for us not to release the detained. I'd hate to think we took any immigration cues from Turkey.
  • D
    And this is news why? Oyeah, the dems want us to do the same thing. Yeah, dems, you sure to want what is best for our country.......but the real best would be for you to relocate to venezuela. All of you. Permanently.
  • t
    "We're going to release you just for now. Make sure you come back to jail when things settle down."

  • R
    Probably did it to save money on food etc.