Turkeys Feast on Thanksgiving-Inspired Meal at Californian Animal Sanctuary

Turkeys residing at an animal sanctuary in Grass Valley, California, were treated to a Thanksgiving-inspired feast, video posted to Instagram on November 24 shows.

In this video by Animal Place, the turkeys gobble down plates of pumpkin, salad leaves, and berries.

“Every Turkey here was saved from becoming ‘food’ on someone’s plate,” the sanctuary wrote on Instagram. “Now it’s time for them to enjoy a glorious feast and celebrate life instead! We can form new traditions.”

Animal Place provides sanctuary and rescue for farmed animals, according to its website. Program Director Kelcie Leach told Storyful this video was shot on November 20 and aimed to “encourage people to make more compassionate food choices, and leave turkeys and all animals off their plates.” Credit: Animal Place via Storyful

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