When to turn your headlights on during the day

We all know to turn our headlights on at night, but what about during the day? AccuWeather's Emmy Victor explains where and when drivers need them on.

Video Transcript

EMMY VICTOR: On a rainy or snowy day in Chicago, Illinois, you'll see drivers using wipers and lights to make it easier to see. State law requires your headlights to be on whenever your windshield wipers are active. But that isn't the case everywhere.

According to AAA, only 20 states, including California and New York have the same law. Other states have looser rules. Simply requiring headlights to be on when visibility is low from fog or smoke. Keep in mind, sunny days aren't excluded from headlight use.

In Washington, DC, lights are required while driving through tunnels. In Pennsylvania, they're required in construction zones. And some states, like Arizona, have adopted daylight headlight sections, along mountainous roads to help drivers see another.

As a rule of thumb, use your headlights during inclement weather and when you're having a hard time seeing other cars. Knowing what to do where you live and travel, can prevent you from having to pay a hefty fine. For AccuWeather, I'm Emmy Victor.