Turn any watch into a smartwatch with the Kairos T-band

Jacob Siegal

So you’re not impressed with the current slate of Android Wear smartwatches and you don’t think the Apple Watch is going to do anything to change your mind. You might be willing to put something intelligent on your wrist, but you don’t want to replace your watch with some dorky gadget.

You need to check out the Kairos T-band.

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This Indiegogo project “allows you to wear your favorite wristwatch while enjoying all the benefits a smartwatch can bring.” There are three models of the T-band:

  1. T-band ND (No Display) – Basic notifications and health data monitoring without a display.
  2. T-band HD (Hidden Display) – LED panels light up with text alerts and relevant information, but no images or videos.
  3. T-band OD (OLED Display) – Features a curved PMOLED display with a touch sensor and runs on Kairos OS.

Whether you want all the functionality of a smartwatch built into the band or simply want to spruce up your current watch of choice with notifications and health tracking, Kairos is looking to suit your needs. The highest tiers even include Kairos’ own mechanical watch, fitted with the customizable band.

Check out the T-band in action in the video below:

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