Turner Job Corps celebrates 'Vision Day at the Lake'

The Albany Herald, Ga.
·2 min read

Apr. 3—ALBANY — After partnering with Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful to log another 42 hours of community service by helping to beautify Lake Loretta via garbage collection, Turner Job Corps Center leadership officially released the center's new vision, mission statement and core values.

This team-building outing for the top tier leadership of directors, managers and supervisors offered social impact traction, both internally and externally. With new leadership, placement of regional support staff and now a new vision and mission, the renaissance that has been building at Turner Job Corps Center for the last year intensified. This day of reflection and strategic fellowship at the lake allowed for leadership to present their buy-in for the freshly crafted guiding principles in the form of presenting "I Promise/We Promise" statements on behalf of leaders and their departments, sharing with the group how they will internalize and embody the center's goals.

Outside the TJCC gates, helping to beautify Lake Loretta, a jewel in the community, also helped in the center's pursuit of its goal to complete 16,000 hours of community service/ social impact work in 2021. Not even 20 minutes into the garbage pickup, Safety and Security Supervisor Jerry Nelson was already thinking of how the center could build upon this project at Lake Loretta, noting, "If we really want to make an impact, next time we can bring some mowers, weed eaters and other equipment from the center and shape up around here."

With current COVID-19 restrictions still limiting the movement of staff and the center's hundreds of students within the community, some have hinted that the center's goal of 16,000 hours of community service was possibly unrealistic when it was set by Center Director Nathaniel Cooper in December of last year. Nonetheless, TJCC has currently logged 1,199 hours of service to date and has a number of service events planned in April and months ahead.