Trea Turner proving he's well worth his first round ADP

Trea Turner is delivering and then some on his 2021 first round ADP, exhibiting what it means to be a five-category stud well on his way to career-best numbers at the plate.

Video Transcript

DREW SILVA: National's shortstop Trey Turner went as a first round pick in pretty much every standard fantasy draft this spring, with an overall ADP on Yahoo of 8.7. Through the first seven weeks of the 2021 regular season, return on investment has been exactly what you'd want or maybe in some ways even better.

Turner, as of May 21, is batting .327, with a 933 OPS, 10 home runs, 23 RBIs, eight stolen bases, and 22 runs scored through 39 games played. He was 8 for 8 on stolen base attempts before getting caught swiping second base in an afternoon game May 20th at Wrigley Field. The pace right now for Turner, if you'll allow me to talk about pace, is 42 home runs and 34 steals. He has never topped 20 home runs in a single season up to this point in his career. But he did go [? deep ?] 12 times in 59 games during the condensed 2020 campaign, which-- back to the pace talk-- works out to 33 homers across a normal 162 game slate.

The raw speed has always given Turner a nice floor of fantasy value. And the way he's added power as he moves into his late 20s, and closer towards free agency, has only added to the level of fantasy attractiveness. We talk about how you want to grab five category fillers in the early rounds, and Turner definitely ranks right up there as an elite five category filler.

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