It turns out George Santos will say just about anything on Cameo for $500

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  • George Santos is selling Cameo videos for $500 a pop after being ousted from Congress.

  • And he'll say just about anything for the money, including admitting to lying about his NYU MBA.

  • In other videos, Santos recommended OnlyFans accounts and congratulated someone for coming out as a furry.

Recently ousted from Congress, George Santos has found an unconventional new career path on Cameo.

It now seems that for a fee of $500, the fabulist will say just about anything you want, from making light of his scandals to congratulating someone on coming out as a furry.

In one video, addressed to someone called Harper, Santos begins: "I love that you are such a dedicated student at NYU, you know, my not-so-real MBA."

Santos previously bragged about graduating from New York University with an MBA and no student debt, but there was no record of him actually attending the school.

He eventually admitted, in December 2022, to not graduating from any institution of higher learning.

It turned out to be one of the many fabrications on his resume.

In another video, the former congressman appears to reference the damning House Ethics Committee report, which precipitated his recent expulsion.

The report accused him of using campaign funds for Botox, Hermes, Sephora, and other designer goods, along with other fraudulent activity.

"Julie would like you to please spend some money on yourselves from the gift this year," he says in the video, adding: "It could be anything from Botox to luxury goods of any kind, like a trip to Hermes or makeup from Sephora, or a subscription to OnlyFans."

The Ethics House Committee report found that a $50,000 payment was made from RedStone Strategies, LLC, a company owned by Santos, to his personal accounts last October. The money was used in part to make small purchases on OnlyFans, the report said.

Santos claimed, in March of this year, that he had no idea what OnlyFans was. "I was oblivious to the whole concept," he told Fox Business Network host Lisa Kennedy Montgomery.

But in a recent Cameo video, Santos sounded more familiar with the adult subscription website.

"As you know, in my time in Congress, I was accused of being an OnlyFans user," he said.

He goes on: "Let me just put it this way, if I were on OnlyFans right now and looking for content to subscribe, and if you're into that kind of content, here is what I would recommend."

He then urged people to follow two OnlyFans accounts, describing them as "the hottest twinks on the internet."

'Twink' is slang for a skinny, hairless gay man.

In another video, he congratulated someone for coming out as a furry — someone who likes to dress up in animal costumes.

"Live it up and be as perfect as you want and yiff, yiff, yiff," he says.

Yiff is a slang term referring to sex between furries.

In another video, Santos even sang a few bars of a Taylor Swift song.

Jimmy Kimmel got in on the action, with the Daily Beast reporting that the late-night host submitted his own requests to the disgraced congressman.

In one request, he asked Santos to congratulate someone on winning a beef-eating contest. Santos duly obliged, he said.

Santos initially sold videos on the platform for $75, before quickly upping the price to $150, just hours after launching. The price has increased repeatedly since then.

According to Semafor, Santos lined up more money in 48 hours on Cameo than he earned in his entire time in Congress.

The former congressman may be having fun now, but it might not last — he is facing 23 criminal charges in New York connected to wire fraud, money laundering, and identity theft.

In a text sent to Business Insider, Santos responded: "It turns out George Santos is going to fulfill an [sic] honor a scripted contract for pay just like any other talent on the platform. Hack!"

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