Turtle ASMR Is Here With All the Tingly, Soothing Chomps You Need to Relax

Kelli Bender
Turtle ASMR Is Here With All the Tingly, Soothing Chomps You Need to Relax

If you have heard literal whispers around the internet, it’s probably ASMR.

ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response. Those who experience AMSR often describe the sensation as tingles that start at the top of the head and travel down the body. What triggers this relaxing response varies for each person, but some common triggers are personal attention, tapping, whispering and mouth sounds.

Those seeking out this sensation, or are curious if they have an ASMR triggers on their own, can spends hours exploring hundreds of videos on YouTube designed to conjure up the tingly ASMR feeling in viewers. There’s everything from pickle-eating to pretend hair cuts, but there are very few animal ASMR YouTubers.

The Fish Whisperer is here to change all that. The YouTube Channel describes itself as place to watch “pet fish and turtles as well as other fishing adventures,” but recently posted an ASMR video and turtles are the stars of this clip.

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Playing to those with mouth sound ASMR triggers, this video features different turtles waddling up to a microphone to nosh on the food held beside the gadget. These little half shells chomp on watermelon, apples and bugs, snacks chosen for their ASMR-inducing crunch, according to the video’s description.

The clip, which posted on Aug. 20, has already been viewed over 230,000 times and comments on the video are overwhelmingly positive, with one calling the turtle video the “only ASMR I’ll ever like in any way.”

Test your tingles by watching the clip above, which is still adorable, even if you don’t want anything to do with ASMR.