Tutor makes online learning fun for isolated kids

Canadian Sara Herlevsen was worried about students falling behind on their academics in isolation during the coronavirus outbreak. So she offers free tutoring that keeps her busy helping students from around the world. (April 22)

Video Transcript

- I think the way we talk about Vikings.

SARA HERLEVSEN: You want to talk about Vikings? Sure. What do you want to learn about Vikings?

- Like, what are they meant for?

SARA HERLEVSEN: I have a lot of friends who are parents. And I saw a lot of posts that were just sheer panic. Like, they didn't know where to start. They didn't know what to do. So it made me wonder, like, what I could do and what I could offer. And it's been going amazing so far, very busy.

I'm excited. Have having done the illustrations yet?

- Have you done the illustrations.

SARA HERLEVSEN: No? I have students in the UK, students in Australia, students in the United States, and Canada. The most ambitious is a 12-year-old who wants to become a doctor. So I mailed them all my medical textbooks. And she sent me photos and videos of how excited she was.

If we see the word gastro, we know it pertains to what organ?

- The stomach.

SARA HERLEVSEN: The stomach, yeah.

QUYNH SIIPOLA: Having someone like Sara come into our life to offer the tutoring, it just-- it just helps continue the whole momentum just because I feel like--

SARA HERLEVSEN: That's a Latin root word for?

QUYNH SIIPOLA: --with school being canceled, there's very little that we can do to keep my child motivated.

SARA HERLEVSEN: The best human ideas that have lasted have always been based out of kindness. It's a beautiful thing to just give to others and not expecting a reward.