What's An Absolutely Perfect Scene From A TV Show?

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If you're anything like me, then you probably spend most of your free time watching TV.

Eleanor and Chidi from The Good Place sitting outside, watching the sunset together

And that means you've come across one or two scenes that you think are absolutely ~perfect~.

Annalise taking off her wig and makeup in front of her bedroom mirror

The How to Get Away with Murder scene when Annalise takes off her wig and makeup, as if she's peeling back the layers to herself and finally letting us see a different, vulnerable side that so few people get to see...whew!!!! What a brilliant way to illustrate a character who's letting her guard down.


Maybe you think Fleabag had several fantastic scenes, but the most perfect one occurred in the series finale when Fleabag and the Priest said their final goodbyes to each other.

Fleabag and the Priest saying their final goodbyes to each other at the bus stop

The tearful goodbye! The fox! The statue! The song! The "I'll be okay, but you can't follow me anymore, so you'll just have to trust me" look Fleabag gives to the camera! The perfection!!!!!!


Perhaps you think a particular scene is perfect because of a SUPER-tiny moment or detail that was just so peculiar or subtle.

Rebecca taking a bite out of a candy bar in the hospital

The This Is Us scene when Rebecca finds out Jack died is so perfect. The acting is obviously phenomenal, but the thing I love most about it is what Rebecca does after she finds out her husband just passed away...she takes a bite out of a candy bar.

This moment is so small and random and subtle, and I think it's the most clever addition to any scene. Like, she just heard that her husband unexpectedly died, and her first reaction is to pause and eat a candy bar??? It felt so real because she's so confused and in disbelief. Whoever wrote it into the script deserves a raise.


Or maybe you think a scene from a newer show — like the darts match in Ted Lasso — reigns supreme because of how it treated each of the characters involved.

Tes Lasso playing darts at the local pub

This scene is pure magic. It perfectly illustrates exactly who each character is, and it gives us a new glimpse into how Ted Lasso became Ted Lasso, all without coming across as cliché or sappy. It's just a really beautiful moment that reminds you why you're rooting for this character, even if nobody else is.

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Now it's your turn! In the comments below, tell us which TV scene you think is absolutely perfect, and make sure you tell us why!

Van Gogh crying in present-day London at an art gallery

Don't even get me started on the Van Gogh scene in Doctor Who!!!


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