A New TV Show Is Like a Venture-Capital Startup

Barry Ritholtz
A New TV Show Is Like a Venture-Capital Startup

(Bloomberg Opinion) -- As Dave Goetsch, this week's guest on Masters in Business, sees it, getting a television program up and running bears a lot of parallels to a venture-capital-backed technology startup.

Goetsch, a co-producer and writer for CBS’s "The Big Bang Theory," the highest-ranked sitcom on TV, explained that the written pitch for a new show is the equivalent to the business plan you might create for new venture. Just as a founder starts with a round of angel investors, so too do show creators need backers for their initial pilot. If the program makes the cut, the next step is the “series A round” of funding, or the first season. For both TV shows and new businesses, no one knows if either will find an audience or users. By the time a show makes it to its fourth season, syndication starts -- the equivalent of a tech company's initial public offering of shares.But the similarities end: Even popular programs eventually go off air, and last week marked the finale for the series after a 12-year run.

Goetsch began his career as a comedy writer on the TV program "3rd Rock From the Sun," which ran from 1996 to 2001. He explained how comedy writing is about failure -- you constantly pitch story ideas and jokes, most of which don't make it onto the show.

His favorite books are here; a transcript is available here.

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