Tweak now available that lets you run TouchWiz and stock Android on one Galaxy S4

Zach Epstein

Galaxy S4 Stock Android

If there’s one thing smartphone enthusiasts love, it’s stock Android. The problem for them, of course, is that almost all of the best Android phones in the world run heavily customized versions of Android modified by the vendors that made them. If you like Samsung’s Galaxy S4 and want the best of both worlds, you really only have two options: shell out some serious money to buy a standard Galaxy S4 and a $650 developer edition with stock Android, or install MoDaCo’s great new tweak and switch between both operating systems at will on the same handset.

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As is the case with MoDaCo.Switch for the HTC One, the site’s new Galaxy S4 version allows users to run stock Android and the modified version — in this case, Samsung’s TouchWiz — on one handset. Beyond simply switching between Android builds at any point in time, the best part is that both versions share the same data. This means that accounts, contacts, photos and more are all accessible whether you’re in stock Android or in TouchWiz.

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Installing MoDaCo.Switch requires that you root your S4 and it should go without saying that it will void your warranty. For those still interested, a link to all the files you need and instructions can be found below in the source section.

A video showing how MoDaCo.Switch works on the Galaxy S4 follows below.

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