Twitter is absolutely losing it over Gwen Stefani's People's Choice Awards dress

Natasha Harding

From Cosmopolitan

  • Gwen Stefani wears a white Vera Wang dress to the 2019 People's Choice Awards

  • Gwen's outfit featured a hidden message, which feels particularly relevant as she also took home the Fashion Icon Award for 2019

The People's Choice Awards took place overnight, bringing its fair share of naked dressesoptical illusion gowns and even awkward red carpet moments. But one of our favourite looks from the evening comes from Gwen Stefani.

For those playing at home, Gwen was already nominated for the 2019 Fashion Icon Award, so you kinda knew she was going to arrive in a lewk. What we didn't know, however, was just how fierce said look was gonna be.

After much anticipation, Gwen walked the red carpet in a white Vera Wang mini dress with a puffy train and OTT black bow across the back. Gwen then finished the look with black elbow-length gloves, matching thigh-high boots and patterned tights.

Photo credit: gwen stefani peoples choice awards - Getty Images

On closer inspection, however, you can also see a message on the back of her train. When you zoom in, you can see the word read 'Fashion Icon', which is both fitting and a bit of a relief considering Gwen then took home the Award that night. This is an undeniably bold move, especially if she wasn't sure of the outcome beforehand:

Photo credit: gwen stefani peoples choice awards - Getty Images

As soon as she stepped out on the red carpet, Bretman Rock stopped his live E! interview to comment on how incred the dress was. Watch the footage here:

Twitter had a similar reaction with fans dubbing the look instantly "iconic". Scroll down to see the best reactions:

"If I were to describe a dream dress of mine it would look like @gwenstefani’s #PeoplesChoiceAwards red carpet dress. This look has been my dream look for prob 20 years."

"That dress though @gwenstefani looks beautiful #PCAs"

"Gwen Stefani is 50. Dang she look good #PCAs"

"this woman is so powerful and it shows, gwen stefani for president of the world that’s it #PCAs"

"WOW WOW WOWWW @gwenstefani #PCAs"

"LOVE @gwenstefani DRESS!!! Loved!"

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