Twitter Explodes After Discovering Blueface's Girlfriend Chrisean Rock Is An Athletic Superstar

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While she’s usually making headlines over her Blueface-related antics, social media users are putting some respect on Chrisean Rock‘s name after she proved herself to be quite the athlete.

A freshly resurfaced clip shows Rock’s athletic abilities on full display while appearing on Ultimate Tag, an obstacle course competition series that briefly aired on Fox in mid-2020.

The video shows Rock, called “Seany,” killin’ it while completing the obstacle course. Notably, one of the announcers calls her a “natural athlete.”

Rock completed the obstacle course in 50 seconds, notably 28 seconds ahead of the next-fastest time.

“That’s one of the fastest women’s times we’ve ever seen on this course,” one of the announcers points out. “Shawty certainly brought the speed, the determination, and a whole lot of attitude.”

In response to this video of Rock absolutely dominating an American Gladiator-style obstacle course, many Twitter users began showering the 22-year-old with praise and expressing how shocked they were over her athleticism.

While this Ultimate Tag clip was already more than enough proof of her athleticism, yet another video recently began circulating that showed Rock bringing her talents onto the football field as well.

Rock’s football skills came in clutch during her time on Zeus Network’s Baddies South.

With the conversation around Rock’s athleticism going strong, one Twitter user called her a “generational athlete” and attached a video of her successful bowling techniques, which she showed off during her and Blueface’s double date with her Halle Bailey and DDG.

While these clips show that Rock could potentially build a career in the athletics field, we all know that her main priority continues to be Jonathan Porter, aka Blueface.

Rock shared that she and Blueface — who had just been involved in a physical altercation, as Blavity previously reported, had “officially” begun dating, despite their long and complicated history.