Twitter Found Out Pimp My Ride Was Fake, Here Are Other Reality Shows That Lied To Us

As if we needed another reason to be reminded that our childhoods were all a lie, Twitter users remember that MTV’s “Pimp My Ride” was as fake as the decals put on the cars.

Users even dug into the archives to find Tiffany Haddish on an episode of the MTV series.


In the clip, Tiffany explains that she’s the reason her friend needs her ride pimped. According to the story, one day Tiffany and her friend were driving their respective cars, they both saw a “fine dude” and got so distracted that Tiffany collided into her friend’s car.

Shows that have also lied to us

Now this has us wondering, what other shows are out there that we were tricked into believing were real? We did some searching and the answer: A few networks owe us a pretty penny for emotional distress.


“Punk’d” was a turn in reality TV. Viewers thought Ashton Kutcher really pranked celebrities in public and got away with it. What we didn’t know was that a lot of the footage we saw, was heavily edited.

Even some of the celebs were in on the prank. Pamela Anderson, for example, knew she was being pranked but still went along with the joke and acted surprised.

The Simple Life

Many viewers took to their TV screens to watch besties, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie take on “The Simple Life.” The pair would escape from their fabulous lives to work as employees in blue collar positions.

Although the work they did was real (as I’m sure their employer’s reactions were as well), Paris Hilton was portrayed in a light that wasn’t true to who she was. She has recently come out to reveal the “dumb, ditzy blonde” narrative was all just an act. She prides herself on being very smart and has even had several accomplishments such as starting her own NFT an becoming a highly requested DJ.


You may have seen this one coming. Yes, Catfish is not entirely real. Although people are still getting Catfished in 2022, they aren’t the ones reaching out to the show. Executive producer Marshall Eisen told Vulture that those doing the catfishing are the ones who mainly reach out to get exposed. The hosts, though, are also left in the dark. Only the producers know the true outcome of each episode.