Twitter index: Rihanna and Ashton Kutcher dating, Lady Gaga's birthday

Lady Gaga

Tweeps are abuzz with the news that pop star Rihanna and Two and a Half Men star Ashton Kutcher are rumored to be dating.

“RIHANNA & ASHTON KUTCHER ARE DATING????? Talk about finding love in a hopeless place,” say Tweeps.

Thousands of “happy birthday Lady Gaga” posts are filling the microblogs on March 28 as pop icon Lady Gaga celebrates her 26th birthday. Lady Gaga posted a photo of a mock birthday cake on her Twitter feed to celebrate the occasion and tweeted, “This is how it feels turning 26 in three and a half hours. Ha!”

Australian rules football player “Ben Cousins” has reportedly been arrested and is being held on drug charges.

Toyota is promoting the launch of its 86 rear wheel drive sports car (also known as the GT 86 i in Europe and the SCION FR-S in the US).

“#дорофей” (Russian for “Dorofei”) is in second place, “Ariana Has Ponytail Swag” is in fifth place and “Lil B - Ima Eat Her Ass” is trending in eighth place.

Spanish speaking Tweeps are talking about their right to strike with third place phrase “#yohagohuelga” (“I do strike”) and making jokes with seventh place term “Paty Puente.” Microbloggers are also posting about Indian stereotypes with fourth place hashtag “#YouKnowYoureIndianWhen.”

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on March 28 at 7:30 AM GMT are:

  1. #Toyota86 (promoted)
  2. #дорофей (new)
  3. #yohagohuelga (new)
  4. #YouKnowYoureIndianWhen (new)
  5. Ariana Has Ponytail Swag (new)
  6. Ben Cousins (new)
  7. Paty Puente (new)
  8. Lil B - Ima Eat Her Ass (new)
  9. Happy Birthday Lady Gaga (new)
  10. Rihanna & Ashton Kutcher (new)