Twitter Pulled The Receipts After Spiritual Hypocrite Juanita Bynum Condemned Secular Music

Twitter is calling out Juanita Bynum after two videos of the gospel singer started circulating on social media. In one clip, the 63-year-old is seen telling a church congregation that someone isn’t saved if they listen to secular music. However, a Twitter user posted a second video of her dancing to Mary J. Blige’s “Just Fine.”

Now, viewers are calling the singer out for her spiritual hypocrisy, and the clips have opened up conversations about issues in Black churches.

“I wanna know what bishop told you that you can still be saved and listen to secular music,” she says in the first clip. “Who told you that?”

In the same clip, “Good Love” by Usher and the City Girls plays in the background as she asks the crowd “who told you that it was OK if we just jam and then sing in the choir?”

In the second video, however, Bynum appears to be living her best life while dancing to Blige’s “Just Fine.”

The clips caused quite a stir with Twitter users, who had a lot to say about the hypocrisy of her actions.

“She got that secular wig on, what’s the problem?” a user pointed out.

Another confirmed that this is a “doctrine” they grew up with.

“This doctrine is what I was raised up under, unfortunately. They teach you this. This [sic] Christians who listen to secular music aren’t really saved. They think they’re going to heaven, but they aren’t,” they tweeted.

“But in all seriousness, it’s so odd to me that Black church folk deny their own cultural heritages + the rich history of interexchange b/t ‘the sacred’ and ‘the secular.’ As some have put it and the archive shows, ain’t no difference b/t the Saturday ‘sinner’ & Sunday ‘saint,'” one user wrote.

One user pointed out the hypocrisy in the church.

“They just be making up stuff. Either Jesus absolved us of our ‘sins,’ or he didn’t. Am I free after being ‘saved,’ or am I bound by a bunch arbitrary rules about what I wear, where I go, what I listen to & read, and who I make a life with? Is it oochie wally or one mic?” they wrote.

Another pointed out that gospel artists must listen to secular music for inspiration.

“They lowkey listen to secular music,” they wrote. “These gospel artists are not getting samples & inspo out of thin air. Miss ‘Lord Split Me Open’ should go to the studio w/ Kirk Franklin, Donald Lawrence & other artists. Even the late Andrae Crouch worked with Michael Jackson and Madonna.”