Twitter Roasts Gwen Stefani For Jumping Back Into Her Cultural Appropriation Bag

Twitter came with the jokes after a Twitter user dubbed Gwen Stefani’s Cultural Diversity Consultant decided to post several pictures from what appears to be a new video from the pop singer.

However, Twitter was not vibing with Stefani appropriating Jamaican culture to promote her comeback album.






Stefani’s behavior has prompted some to question “Caucasian culture.”

“If Gwen Stefani proves one thing it’s that Caucasian culture, as a whole, just isn’t anything to get excited about. What she going to do, build a career around summer dresses, hats and beige?” a person questioned.

Another Twitter user remarked how quickly she discarded the Harajuku girls after her 2004 album Love. Angel. Music. Baby.

“oh man… whatever happened to her harajuku girls? Did she release them back into downtown Tokyo or did she pass them off to somebody else to look after?” they wrote.

In 2021, Stefani addressed the accusations of cultural appropriation in an interview.

“We learn from each other, we share from each other, we grow from each other. And all these rules are just dividing us more and more,” the singer told Paper magazine.