Twitter Users Roast Trump For Awkward 'Markers' Mix-Up At Iowa Rally

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Former President Donald Trump said he’d deny “markers” entry to the U.S. in an awkward slip-up on the campaign trail Friday, prompting mockery online.

The 2024 hopeful vowed to take the action as he outlined his platform at a rally in Council Bluffs, Iowa, before then correcting his error.

“I will also order our government to deny entry to all communists and markers,” Trump said in his speech.

“Look, we have Marxists, fascists, communists — they’re pouring into our country,” he quickly added, using the word he originally intended. “We are going to deny them access to our country. Now, the one problem is, what about all the ones we already have that happen to be politicians, OK?”

Following the blunder, Twitter users joked about whether Sharpies would be welcomed into the U.S. under Trump’s proposal. They also pointed out his use of a separate word in the speech that doubles as a not-safe-for-work slang term.