Two babies survive Kentucky tornado in bathtub after winds wrest them from grandmother’s grasp

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Two babies survived the tornado that ripped through Kentucky last week after the winds wrested the bathtub they were stashed in out of the floor and their grandmother’s hands and hurled it to the far end of the driveway.

Clara Lutz knew the tornado was coming and put 15-month-old Kaden and 3-month-old Dallas into the tub, covered with a pillow, a blanket and a bible, she told WFIE-TV.

“I felt the rumbling, I felt the shaking of the house,” Lutz told WFIE. “Next thing I knew, the tub had lifted, and it was out of my hands. I couldn’t hold on, I just — Oh my God.”

In the dark of night, Lutz had no idea where the babies had gone. Her house was stripped down to the foundation, WFIE said, and she’d been hit in the back of the head with the tub’s water tank.

Venturing outside, she frantically searched for help and found it with the sheriff’s department. They located the tub at the end of her driveway, turned upside-down, with the babies inside. Dallas had a sizable lump at the back of his head and was taken to the hospital with a brain bleed, which stopped before they arrived.

More than 40 tornadoes ripped through several states last weekend, killing a total of at least 90 people, 75 of them in Kentucky alone.

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