Two Doral police officers shot on busy roadway. Suspected gunman is dead.

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A gunman opened fire on Doral cops on a busy road Friday morning, wounding two officers before he was felled by police bullets, the department said.

Both officers are expected to survive. One officer was injured in the face by shrapnel or broken glass. The other was shot in the chest, arm and leg — but he was saved by his bulletproof vest, Doral Police spokesman Rey Valdes said. That officer was rushed to Jackson West, and then later transported to Ryder Trauma Center in serious but stable condition.

Authorities have not officially named the gunman but multiple law-enforcement sources said he is believed to be Yordany Rodriguez Perez, 24, of Hialeah.

The shooting happened just past 11 a.m. on Northwest 25th Street at 92nd Avenue — right next to Miami-Dade Police headquarters.

It started minutes earlier when the shooter had apparently threatened to shoot up his former workplace, City Electric, in Sweetwater. He was pulling up in his black BMW, one source said, and saw a truck pulling out of the parking lot. The BMW began chasing the truck, firing at the vehicle as it drove through the streets.

“These two gentlemen had some sort of beef between them,” Valdes said. It was not clear, however, what the dispute was or even if the two men knew each other, sources said.

Yordany Rodriguez Perez
Yordany Rodriguez Perez

Fearing for his life, the man in the truck pulled into the Miami-Dade police headquarters and ran into the lobby. Doral police officers had spotted the wild chase, as the BMW crashed into a tree.

“From what the officers are telling us, he crashed his vehicle and without any hesitation jumped out of the vehicle and opened fire on the officers,” Valdes said.

The gunman peppered one Doral officer’s car with at least six shots. Officers retreated and took cover.

“Witnesses say that at one point he jumped on a police car’s hood and started shooting from there,” one law-enforcement source said.

The gunman ran off behind a building off 92nd Avenue across from the police building, then re-emerged — refusing to put the gun down. At least three officers then shot at the man, killing him, the source said.

During the firefight, a bystander who happened to be nearby was shot in the leg. He too is expected to be OK.

Video obtained by the Herald from a bystander shows people cowering behind their cars in the parking lot of Miami-Dade Police headquarters, as armed officers hustle toward the shooting.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is investigating the shooting, which happened less than a week after Hollywood Police Officer Yandy Chirino, 28, was shot and killed during a scuffle with a teenage suspect.

“It’s just a stark reminder of the dangers our officers face every day,” Valdes said.

Doral Mayor Juan Carlos Bermudez called the incident along one of Doral’s main roads “unusual.”

“We are very lucky there were no other casualties,” Bermudez said.

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