Two drivers merge onto Fresno highway when shots are fired out of one of the vehicles

A driver merging onto a Fresno freeway was shot at multiple times Saturday evening by someone in another vehicle.

The California Highway Patrol said a man was merging onto southbound Highway 99 from the Belmont Avenue on-ramp around 5:30 p.m. when a shooter in the vehicle in front of him began firing at him.

The man’s vehicle was struck several times, CHP said. The man was grazed in the upper arm by a bullet.

As the victim pulled over, the suspect vehicle, which was described as a white sedan, took off.

No arrests have been made but investigators found some evidence near the freeway, CHP said.

The man ended up driving toward his home near the River Park shopping area, where he contacted Fresno Police.

It was not clear what led up to the shooting. CHP said the victim was cooperating with authorities and added that the man said there was no road rage incident and that no argument occurred between him and the person(s) inside the suspect vehicle.