Two Fort Lauderdale Workers Nearly Electrocuted When Crane Hit Power Line

Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue said the crane was being used to lift an object from the room of a building at 300 SW 2nd Street when it came in contact with the powerline.

Video Transcript

KARLI BARNETT: Now at 5:00, two men are suffering from an electric shock after a crane hit a power line in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Chopper 4 was over 300 Southwest 2nd Street this morning. Fire crews say the crane was attempting to lift an object from the roof when it touched the power line. The two men were standing near the crane and were shocked.

STEPHEN GOLLAN: The individuals that were just working too close to power lines and too comfortable in their surroundings, which resulted in them being injured.

KARLI BARNETT: One was taken to the hospital in serious condition. The other was treated at the scene for minor injuries. The crane operator was not hurt.