Two gorillas at San Diego Zoo COVID positive

In an online update about the coronavirus pandemic, Newsom said the source of infection is still being investigated to determine whether the virus was transmitted between animals or from humans to the apes.

Southern California is so overwhelmed with coronavirus cases that patients are backed up trying to get into hospitals.

California was the state with the most deaths at 3,315 in the week ended Jan. 10, or about eight out of every 100,000 people, up 44% from the prior week, according to a Reuters analysis of state and county reports.

Video Transcript

GAVIN NEWSOM: --love for animals. We have two gorillas at the San Diego Zoo that now have tested positive for COVID-19, two that have been tested positive. We have another that's symptomatic. We're currently confirming the source of the infection and the strain. There is some question, did it come human to animal? That's being determined, and one has to respect that process and the adjudication of the facts. But, nonetheless, it's just an area that's long been of concern, human-to-animal transmission. But our beloved gorillas obviously we are concerned about, and San Diego Zoo, best of the best.