Two local students to be honored at Junior Achievement's 18 Under Eighteen Class of 2023

MIDLAND – As members of Junior Achievement of Western Pennsylvania prepare to honor 18 stand-out students, two students from Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School will be named members of the Class of 2023.

Nominated for their service to their school and home communities, 18-year-old Karsen Thompson and 17-year-old Grace Reid-Vensel are being honored for their achievements during this year's "18 Under Eighteen" ceremony. The two Lincoln Park students will join their peers as Junior Achievement honors their talent and community service work that defines them as the region's "most incredible young people."

According to Junior Achievement officials, Thompson is an outspoken advocate for mental health issues in Beaver County. One way that she has helped her community with these issues is by leading a mental health initiative at the Community College of Beaver County, where she serves as an ambassador to support students' well-being.

Outside of helping with these mental health issues, Thompson was also honored for volunteer work supporting local children and women of color that are in need of assistance. At school, she serves as the staff editor of The Siren and covers topics focused on race and culture. She also recently started a pop-culture-focused podcast.

Thompson is aiming for a career in medicine and currently commits four hours to shadow physicians to get insight into the daily life of a doctor.

Reid-Vensel has also shown the initiative to support those in need, spearheading a menstrual product drive at Lincoln Park to ensure students had access to necessary products throughout the school day. After seeing the high demand for the products and the struggle to keep supplies fully stocked, she reached out and partnered with The Honey Pot to replenish these products when needed around the school.

In addition to the success in stocking sanitary supplies for students, Reid-Vensel hosted a Free Store in December 2021. After the success at the school, she partnered with the Washington County City Mission to bring a version of the Free Store into her home community as well.

This article originally appeared on Beaver County Times: Two local students to be honored at Junior Achievement's 18 Under Eighteen